Brenda Bunyan has been successfully teaching pianoforte to students of all abilities since she was 25 years old (in the 1950s).

She has had many successes at piano competitions with her pupils and excellent results in Associated Board exams at all levels. She possesses incredible compassion, patience, and knowledge of technique which is coupled with a feeling for rhythm, melody and balance in the music, skills which she imparts to her students. This knowledge and depth of experience only comes after decades of practice and teaching.

Brenda Bunyan studied with English pianist Kathleen LongFranz Reizenstein (1949-50, lessons prior to attending the Royal College of Music) and composition with Patrick Hadley (1950-54 at the Royal College of Music).

Brenda gave two recitals during her time in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa at the City Hall in 1955, and arranged for the recital of Kathleen Long there. She continues to play for numerous musical and vegetarian groups as accompanist to this day.


Brenda Bunyan rehearsing song recital c. 2001


Brenda Bunyan at the piano, rehearsing for a song recital for senior citizens at Embargo Centre along the Durban coast, South Africa,  c. 2001


Pietermaritzburg City Hall


Pietermaritzburg City Hall where my teacher Kathleen Long gave her recital to 2,000 people in 1955
Photo: Johan Pretorius



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