Past memories

Brenda Bunyan (née Spicer) remembers her College days…

“After having a year’s lessons with Franz Reizenstein, I was fortunate enough to study with Kathleen Long at the RCM from 1950 to 1954. She was a most inspiring teacher, using some of the Matthay methods and had a gentle, charming personality. She often demonstrated by performance rather than words and if you had a good ear (as I apparently did) it was easy to emulate her ideas. Through her, I obtained a piano teaching post in a boarding school inNatal, where she gave a series of concerts during the winter months.

Imagine my amazement, when on holiday in Salisbury, I saw Miss Long alighting from a taxi! This resulted in me becoming her ‘agent’ for the Pietermaritzburg recital and she also graciously gave a short recital at the boarding school. She also owned a small cottage at Heydon, in the depths of Hertfordshire, where myself and my mother were invited to tea, enjoying crumpets and honey. After many years as a concert pianist, Miss Long devoted much time to French chamber music.

She once said ‘Never be a concert pianist – it’s a lonely life’.

Her teaching has given me a lifetime of pleasure.”